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Hey there,

I'm Paje Honor! 

The energy behind The Place Between

My Human Design Journey

I have a tendency to fall into many rabbit holes online, especially when it comes to the mysteries of life, spirituality, evolution of the self, intuition, and the inner workings of human beings and our connection to all things. Although I can't recall the exact moment I discovered Human Design, I do remember my discovery leading to an extreme fascination with this intricate system and the need to study it more than I've ever felt called to do before. 

I started my experiment, which in the HD world simply means living your life according to your unique HD Type, almost 3 years ago. I was extremely hesitant at first, but gave myself 1 year to live in my design before dismissing it or deciding to further my education. As I continued to listen to my strategy and authority, I noticed shifts in the way opportunities would present themselves to me. I didn't have to initiate or force things, only to be met with bitterness and frustration. It was as if my aura was finally in alignment with who I was meant to be, and the universe was gifting me with an abundance of success, love and clarity. 

My Human Design Type

My unique design is Projector with Splenic Authority and the 5/1 (Heretic Investigator) Profile Type. What does this mean when it comes to my ability to guide others into their own human design experiment? Well, Projectors are the natural born teachers, guides, and mentors of the world. We are designed to see deeply into another persons auric field and understand them more than they often understand themselves. I have the ability to focus completely on one person, making me an ideal coach for 1:1 sessions, vs. group settings or classes. 

I recognize peoples gifts, strengths, weaknesses, and understand how best to provide them with the tools best fit for them to cultivate and evolve on their own. 

Projectors must be recognized and invited by an individual before we are able to provide insight, advice, or opinions. Failing to do risks the chance to overwhelm potential clients or deter them from reaching out for professional advice of any kind. Once I am invited however, I am able to deeply transform someone's perspectives and attitude towards themselves and others, in the most positive and loving way.  

My Splenic Authority allows me constant and reliable resources to my intuition and instincts, gifting me with the skills of reading Tarot for clients in a very personal and in-depth fashion.

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