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Tools to help you Evolve

human design body graph teal.png

Human Design Analysis: phase 1

A complete Human Design Analysis followed by a month of free support.

This Services includes:

- A 6-9 page PDF file of your complete Human Design Analysis including your body graph chart

- Analysis covers your HD Type, Profile Type, Aura Type, Strategy & Authority information, Incarnation Cross, breakdown of your Defined and Undefined Centers, breakdown of your Defined Channels, and list of resources to continue your experiment.

- One month free follow-up support in order to ensure that you are utilizing these new tools in the best way possible for your continued evolution. $100.00

human design body graph teal.png

human design analysis: phase 2

A custom, in-depth Human Design Session based on your specific needs

This custom 1:1 session will look at the specific areas in your life that require a custom plan of action based on your unique Human design Type. Tools and techniques will be provided based on your design in order to expand and evolve in areas such as: career/workplace, family dynamics/parenting, romantic relationships/dating/marriage, communication/conflict, friendship building, self-love/acceptance, self-esteem/confidence, and setting boundaries for a healthy wellbeing and environment. $150.00

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Tarot reading 

A unique 12-card Intuitive Tarot Reading incorporating Human Design

A Tarot Reading like you've never experienced! I use my knowledge of Human Design and my inner Splenic Authority Center (home of intuition and instincts) to provide you with a more personal and specific reading. This in-depth reading allows you to ask up to 12 specific questions, choose from a list of my trusted Tarot questions, or provide me with a theme or area in which i can focus on while I do your reading. You are provided with a 2-3 page PDF file of the complete reading, including the questions asked and photos of the cards that were pulled. This report allows you to refer back to your reading and use the insight provided at your leisure. $70.00

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