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Human Design & Tarot

Intuitive Guidance & Coaching with Paje Honor

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About Me

Hi! I'm Paje Honor, the energy behind The Place Between. 

I'm so grateful and excited to have you here with me, exploring the many ways in which Human Design and Tarot can help shift your perspective and open your eyes to living a life with less resistance. I think as humans we're constantly evolving, finding ourselves between the starting point and the finish line. I hope this space and my gifts will provide you with comfort, insight, and clarity throughout your journey!

xo - Paje 

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Your Passion


Tools to help you Evolve

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Human Design Analysis: Step 1

Learn about your conscious & subconscious characteristics. Strengths, weaknesses, natural abilities, all that stuff!

Understand how to make decisions with ease and less resistance.

Protect your energy & learn how to nurture your gifts in order to evolve.

Learn how to deal with stress & create healthy boundaries.

Gain acceptance, empathy & love for yourself and others.

Work through issues surrounding self-esteem and worthiness

Investment - $100.00

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human design analysis: phase 2

Tarot reading 

A deep dive into each individual Gate that is activated in your body graph and the characteristics they possess.

Together we'll create a plan of action focusing on the areas of your life that you would like to evolve and flourish in.

Can be tailored specifically to: Career/Success, Relationship/Love/Friendship, Health/Wellbeing,

Personal Development and Evolution of self.

Investment - $150.00

A unique Tarot experience that incorporates your Human Design Type for an in depth, extremely personal reading.

A 12 card reading, delivered in a 2-3 page PDF format that allows you to refer back to as often as possible!

Ask as many as 12 individual questions, choose from a list of my personal favourite tarot questions, or provide a simple guideline or subject for me to draw from.

Appointment is online and easy to schedule!

Investment - $100.00

Book a Free Connection Call

Book a Consultation
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Book a FREE Connection Call!

Book your call now!

During our 20 minute consultation, we'll discuss what is included in your HD Analysis, and how you can incorporate these tools into your everyday life in order to evolve and embrace your design. I'll invite you to share any areas of your life in which you feel attention or guidance is needed. Together, we'll agree on the type of reading that would be most beneficial for you!


"I've had tarot readings done before, but never as Paje did for me. I was blown away! I wasn't sure where to start, but had a few questions and sent them over. Paje perfectly filled in the blanks. I received a 12-card spread with detailed answers to all of my questions (and answers to questions i didn't even realize I had!) The reading was spot on and felt s personal. This is not your typical Tarot reading. This is so much more. Whether you have a specific question, or you're looking for just a little bit of guidance, this is perfect!"

Asia M.

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